New Arrivals: Look Ma, No hands! Ziiiro Eclipse in Black, Gray and White!


We’re delighted to announce that we have just added the new Ziiiro Eclipse cool watches range to the inventory.  We’re huge fans of Ziiiro watches. Its hard to believe that Ziiiro have created a new range that is even more beautiful and elegant than the Celeste models. Continue Reading »

Cool Watch Review: Ziiiro Z0005WGYG Men’s Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch from Ziiiro Watches

Ziiiro Z0005WGYG Men's Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch from Ziiiro Watches

The Brand

In March 2010, yankodesign (among others) posted a unique watch concept by Robert Dahl. After receiving a lot of attention for the Zero concept, the Ziiiro watch brand became a reality soon afterwards. Ziiiro have continued to create a range of unique, minimal, colorful watches without hands or markings. Continue Reading »

MOUVE M01 Automatic Watch Kickstarter Project Needs some Love

This is one of the more interesting Kickstarter watch projects I’ve seen in a while. The MOUVE M01 Automatic Watch is a beautifully crafted, minimal design, with a large face and bold, crisp  over-sized sans-serif typeface. The quote below says it all really.

Its heart is a 25 jewels automatic movement, with a mineral glass exhibition window for your viewing pleasures. After it is fully wound from the motion of your wrist, it will continue running for 2.5 days; the mouvement creates energy which is stored in the watch to power the gears within. It will stand the test of time!

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Try the Casio challenge!

I found this little Casio game a while ago. It’s pretty addictive. The first time i  played it, I  managed to stop it at exactly 1:00:00 in about five attempts. Simple! But tonight, just when I want to attach a screenshot, can i do it? No! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped it at 0:00:99 and 0:01:01. I gave up tonight. The sound effects are great, especially when you just miss it.

Casio Challenge Fail

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