Cool Watch Review: Ziiiro Z0005WGYG Men’s Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch from Ziiiro Watches

Ziiiro Z0005WGYG Men's Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch from Ziiiro Watches

The Brand

In March 2010, yankodesign (among others) posted a unique watch concept by Robert Dahl. After receiving a lot of attention for the Zero concept, the Ziiiro watch brand became a reality soon afterwards. Ziiiro have continued to create a range of unique, minimal, colorful watches without hands or markings.

The Watch

The Ziiiro Celeste Range of watches features two rotating colored discs which create gradients when they overlap. See the image below to find out how to ready the time on this watch.

Ziiiro Celeste, How to read the time

The Specifications

Case: Gunmetal stainless steel

Band: Gunmetal mesh bracelet

Lens: Crystal Mineral

Movement: Quartz

Warranty: One-year Ziiiro warranty

The Pros

This is a beautiful, minimal, well-made, colored steel watch. The steel mesh band is both comfortable and durable, and can be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly by moving the clasp.

The Cons

Depending on your preference of band, sizing the band to fit can be a bit tricky. As with any watch that doesn’t have hands, you may have to spend a few minutes figuring out how to tell the time.

The Verdict

The Ziiiro Celeste is a unique, unusual cool watch. It’s a clever, intuitive watch made with good quality materials. Additionally, its not so unusual that its difficult to live with. As a fashion statement it will draw attention by its bright color combinations and lack of hands. With the Stainless mesh band, it should last for quite some time even if its worn daily.


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