MOUVE M01 Automatic Watch Kickstarter Project Needs some Love

This is one of the more interesting Kickstarter watch projects I’ve seen in a while. The MOUVE M01 Automatic Watch is a beautifully crafted, minimal design, with a large face and bold, crisp  over-sized sans-serif typeface. The quote below says it all really.

Its heart is a 25 jewels automatic movement, with a mineral glass exhibition window for your viewing pleasures. After it is fully wound from the motion of your wrist, it will continue running for 2.5 days; the mouvement creates energy which is stored in the watch to power the gears within. It will stand the test of time!

I particularly like the M01 Matte Black. Unforunately, I’m not in a position to back this one right now.

Here’s the latest on the Kickstarter Progress.   The goal seems quite high, but I understand its due too a decision to opt for a custom date disc which requires a minimum production run of 1000.

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