Try the Casio challenge!

I found this little Casio game a while ago. It’s pretty addictive. The first time i  played it, I  managed to stop it at exactly 1:00:00 in about five attempts. Simple! But tonight, just when I want to attach a screenshot, can i do it? No! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped it at 0:00:99 and 0:01:01. I gave up tonight. The sound effects are great, especially when you just miss it.

Casio Challenge Fail

I actually had one of these cool digital watches when I was a kid. In fact I had a few cool  digital watches back in the day.  This one really is a classic though. Those buttons would leave deep dimpled imprints  in your thumb after a while, particularly when the battery started to run out.

I’ll get back to it again at some point with a success screenshot.


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